there are moments in your life that make you

and sets the course of who you're going to be.

sometimes theyre little, subtle, moments.

sometimes theyre big moments you never saw coming.

no one asks for their life to change but it does.

its what you do afterwards that counts.

thats when you find out who you really are.

Loving this song at the moment. Take a few minutes to listen to it ;) 

Floating through the sky again
Will I ever find my way?
Maybe that’s the point of it
Learning that the road don’t end
To look around
Enjoy the sound
And take the beauty in

On this flight
On this high
I don’t care what the world will say
‘Cause I’m not coming down
‘Cause I’m sure that the world
That I see in my mind is changed
And I’m not coming down today





                                                                "the other day i was infront of the barbershop

                                                               i seen a man with one leg get up and start to hop

                                                                         he had a smile that was hard to stop

                                                 n ow thin k of his hand next time you lookin at the cards you got

                                                             thought about it as i pulled out of the parking lot

                                                        over the years ive balled, look at the cars ive bought

                                                              then i had to thank god that my bars are hot

                                                        imma make it to the top x marks the spot"---- crooked i


                                                                   "t he most important thing is to find a world

                                                                    to belong to. only then will we realise that

                                                                   life is meaningful"-----


                                                                  "the succes of love is in the loving it is not

                                                                      the result of loving"-----


                                                                     "you give but little when you give of your

                                                                     possesions. it is when y ou give yourself

                                                                     that you truly give"-----