Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.

Becky | 25 | Canadian | Graduate | TAKEN

I'm going to keep my presence here as discrete as possible, so don't expect too much. I decided to update the layout on this page because I was vexed at how obsolete it became. At any rate, I'll just say these few things about myself: I'm quite reserved, but at the same time, very open-minded about many things. I don't judge unless I want to be judged. I would rather spontaneity over plans well thought-out. I have an artist's talent, and am quite passionate about fashion. That is all.

Put yourself in others' shoes. Don't hold grudges. It takes too much effort to keep. Forgive even if you may not forget. Life is an endless experience. Take it as it is.

We're all searching for a meaning to our lives. Everyone. We have to. Because no matter who you are. I don't think anyone is born knowing the reason why they're here. It's just something you have to find as you go along and it's different for everyone. There is many reasons to live as there are people in the world, maybe even more. So the reason for being born, the reason you've been put here in the world, I think it's something we all have to find for ourselves. So we search, within our hopes and dreams, our efforts, the people in our lives and everything we do. Even if the reason we find something is hazy or unclear and even if it's so tiny that you can hardly see it, the important thing is that you always have one. As long as I'm alive, that's what I want. To have a reason to go on. And you know you can always find it, when you know where to look. The people in my life give me a reason for living, so I wanna live my life for the people I care about. And someday, I hope I'll find someone who wants to live their life for me too. So, even when things are tough and it's difficult to go on, it motivates me to try harder, because I'm not just living for myself, I'm living for them too. And in the end, I think it's good that you're bold and still here, because you know, the world is a much better place with you in it. --