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 Eyy everybody was lovin the pagee so ima keep it as utd as possible!!...ill try to update the pages whenever we pop out our next litter for those of you likin the pits...xd

one hunned

Name: Jose
Last: Perez-Vaught
Age: 18!
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Schoolyard Bullies 



mmk well this is a rap that i wrote
its untitled and incomplete but here it is!!
I'm old school in the game like the 20th century
refer to me as the gentry
still doin this rap thing but i ain't livin in luxury
gettin high off of mercury
fuckin ya up this shit'll mess wit ya circuitry
but i don't blame it on the drug because i'm doin it purposely
and im doin it mercilessly
ain't lookin back at my life cuz i'd be doin it worthlessly
Few years back i took a name outta courtesy
And it stuck wit me, they call me Trill OG
But i aint gang affiliated
Might make ya feel hated
But don't feel humiliated
Because Original Gringo is where the name originated
My lines are like coke, cause your eyes to be dilated
Some people might say that my style is outdated
But i'm the mothafucka who made
And ain't a chance in the world this mothafucka would trade it

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there are some people who come into our lives and quickly go…there are others who stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts!!!

Truly great friends are hard 2 find,

difficult 2 leave,

and impossible 2 4get.

The mark of a good relationship is how it reacts when things aren’t going in its favor.

Punish the deed,
Cherish the breed!!!

Love life and life will love you back. Love people and just see what happens...

Hater #1said: "sup hite boy.. what the Fucck you doin on asiant own fucen cracka..."
I said: hahahahahahaha
Hater #1 said: what's so funny fucken ese...
I said: hahaha....ur nuthing but a fuckin twinkie...yellow on the outside....white on the inside
Hater #1 said:you's the fucken twinkie white boi.. shit.. the fuck you think you are??? some smartass?? huh lil mexican white bitch..
I said: haha...this is perfect...ur the guy that was gonna let me use ur chopsticks at the oriental restaurant the other day....but decided to use my own....u can keep ur sars u fuccking zipperhead
Hater #1 said: sars??? zipperhead??? where the fuck you from 1990?? fuck boi ya make no sense lil bean stalk..
I said: now ur starting to act like a fucking chigger...make up ur i a cracka or a beaner or a beanstalk....or i all three
Hater #1 said: you's all three mutha fucker..
I said: haha...i like the way u tlk nigga...i should fuckin tlk like YO chinky wat down and shit...wat it do...but i might git shot...u should be 2
iono what the fuck you talkin mutha fucker..
but ya sound gay and donn try whitey..
he quit
but its not over yet
I said: 1 Kudos Received from whexico_boi! lol!!! bcuz...ur a fucking zipperhead
Hater #1 said: the fuck is a zipper head??
I said: Google it!!!!
Hater #1 said: i ain't no ol skoo beaner like you..
I said: either...
Hater #1 said:aha..

fuck you..
hahahaha.....awwwww....but i was having phun....
Idk y but i love this song!