I don't understand the meaning of "HOLLA"

don't forget to sign my G-Spot. I hang alot of asian peeps at my school and grew up with them. Most of my friends are hmongs. I'm living with my foster parents. If I can make it up there I want to go to college but it not I would like to become a model or a movie actor. I decide to make this page and make new friends so i can open my world to everyone. 

        DISLIKE: Poor sence of humor, Thinks that their better then everyone els.

        LIKE: Great sence of humor, Honest, Trust, Dependable, Lovable, Carful, Sweet, Respect, Sexy, and Sexully.

Name: Mandy
Age: 18
Height: 5'2 FT
Weight: 112 LBS

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
School: Unknown. High School
Status: Taken

I love to jog deep into the woods and enjoy the fresh smell of air. I love to swimm and play vollyball, it's my favorit sport. I love going out and party and get my ass drunk and why? cause trying to have fun while i can life is too short. I like to chat/talk and met new people.

Men of my future:
I perfer older guys. A man that can be a man him self that don't depend on no one and know what he's doing for his family and his love. A man that know what is the best for him. Money can't buy love unless you decide too.

My dream house:
Don't matter what type of house is it as long as it doen't leak.

Having sex while drunk with a stranger how does it feels?

You have to work hard to get what you want!