Tru Yaj - Taken

Why do we believe in what others say. Don't just hate someone because others do. Get to know the person and judge for yourself.
Don't judge a book by its cover, you might just like what you read in the inside. Love has no boundaries. Love who you want, as long as you're happy (truly happy).
Life is too short to hide and live your life as someone else, are they living your life? Remeber to smile, it might just brighten up someone's day or make them fall inlove with you.
We're put on earth with no purpose, that purpose is for us to find. I believe that we're all put on this earth to find someone to love for the rest of our days and to find happiness.
We only do the stuff that makes us happy. Although it may not be immidietely but in the long run you'll get there.
Just go for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some say it doesn't exist but it does, look deeper. Take the hardest path not the easiest. 
The rewards will be worth it in the end, its better now than later, "it gets better." You might not think so but it will ^_^
-Praserd Tru Yaj Txoov Yaj-