Hello World!

I was watching the presidential debate earlier today. And I realized there is a timer that the debaters pay absolutely no attention to, leading to long and winding non-answers to the questions asked. So I came up with a great idea that I am going to have to pitch to whoever is leading these debates (even though I am not a US citizen): in addition to the traffic-light-style timer, there should be somebody responsible for fading out their mics. When the timer hits 0 (err... red), that will be when the mic starts fading out. The speaker will then have to start shouting to be heard, increasing the volume as the mic continues to fade. Either that, or they must hurry it up and finish their non-answer. :) I think this is a great idea that will be very effective.

Today I caused someone to have a laugh attack because I tried going down an escalator that was going up. In my defense, there was a single-digit female who was walking up the escalator that was going down. She tricked me! :(