Sarah Mai , that's me. SINGLE . Not looking or interested or not ready buh its all good i know my time will come
 February 4th<3 . i like CUTE boys!!I hate guys who tries to get cute girls over
the internet just cause of their looks like seriously? grow up and be forreal i"m pretty much a chilled chick. i hate not knowing what i want sometimes

that i'll probably end up not wanting any of it kinda thing? feel me? and trust me that I'll be down for you, only if you're down for me. real talk
though,I love to eat. Cook for me & I'll kiss you ;]] no, seriously! I love to DANCE, I can semi-break LOL so far i can only do freezes. i fucking hate being around Inconsiderate people who don't make me happy.
and what? the fuck. i still do, haha. FUCK THAT?! naaahnahh, not even! currently 
living in HTown . I'm OPEN minded and OPEN hearted. big sucka for guys with really pretty eyes, but i don't like smokers. whaatta
big turn off. I'm a big PARTY GIRL I DRINK SO I LIVE IT DOWN. i'm pretty much a sweetgirl with a heart that has a lot to offer <3
rude if i get bad first impressions .I'm Vietnamese/Chinese/French/Hmong.
LOVE me and I'll love you back! i dislike girls, who think they
are too special and stuck up. i have no respect for rude people . I'm pretty much

independent, i can hold it down on my Own. i'm learning how to get over my insecurities, "no regrets, just lessons learned." 

Instagram: Ohmaiishsarah