Hello World!

November 2011

A blurb about me:

I'd say I'm inclined with nature. I like to balance, better, and re-invent myself everyday. I don't like to see people as colors, but as beings of the earth. I'm a forgiving and accepting person. I am generally soft-spoken but I speak up when I feel I should. I'm pretty calm and I care a lot about equality and issues about humanity, morality, and the like. I'm very playful and love to laugh. I am also adventerous and is always up for a journey or challenge. I like to scare people as I'm a bit of a prankster. I am not one to materialize nor am I materialistic. Normally, I come off as calm and quiet but it really does depend on the person and on what kind of vibe they're giving off. All in all, because I'm quite tired to write any more and I have to go back to studying Chinese, this is a self-summary in a nutshell. See ya!