minnesotan girl


My name is Sophie Xiong and I am Hmong as you can see. Some people thought that I was some other asian but I'm not!
A couple of things you should know about me is that I have a boyfriend whom I super-duper like however, there is a perfect man who
I always love because He came down from Heaven and volunteer to die on the cross in order to saved our sins so that we may be free.
That man is Jesus Christ and He will always be my Savior.
Another thing you should know about me is that I am Deaf. I wear an
cochlear implant therefore I can hear normal just like how hearing people can hear. My boyfriend
is also deaf but he is hard of hearing therefore he wears a hearing aids. So it's awesome that we
met in college for ASL Club (American Sign Language). He was the most coolest guy I ever
met becuase he stands out the most in any crowd. I'm really glad I got to be in his relationship
because he also believe in Jesus Christ. I really hope our relationship will be guide by God and Jesus Christ.

My previous display photos:

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This is my boyfriend!
I love you babe :)
Graduaton 2011