Raised in Seattle, Washington. Scarfoe had a normal childhood despite growing up in White Center's Park Lake Homes Housing unit and Seattle's southend neighborhood of Rainier Valley where drugs and gangs play a huge role in the community. A high school dropout at 16 Scarfoe was into sports mainly basketball and football. He started off recording on cassettes in the 90s and credits Warren G and the late 2pac Shakur as the people who influenced his music. If you haven't heard of the name get used to it. Scarfoe has been rapping for over 10 years and his love for music is evident in some of his songs. Never the type to chase the fame Scarfoe has said numerous times "Rappin is like a journal except it is in audio format. Years from now I can listen to it and say wow I said that? Thats how I was thinking?" Still underrated as a rapper but not new to making music Scarfoe has two mixtape under his belt to this date titled "Audio Documentary Vol. 1" & "Monsta Muzik Vol. 1"which is free for downloads. Scarfoe grew up on G-Funk music and was a huge fan of Death Row Records. To date he has collaborations with many underground artists from across the nation including Southern Mentality out of Jacksonville and 2-Sicc from Oakland just to name a few. Scarfoe plans to drop another mixtape sometimes in 2011 and this one will also be free for the public to download. Expect to hear more news and up to date info on Scarfoe real soon. AsianTown.NET AsianTown.NET AsianTown.NET AsianTown.NET AsianTown.NET AsianTown.NET