Name: Princess Pa

Status: Married to Nraug Romeo

Age: Legal

Education: Graduated; College In progress

Quotes written by me:  (And Yes My quotes has titles lol)

Title: One Sky -"Sometimes we may have crossed each others path and don't realize it. We live in a huge universe with over trillion numbers of humans beings but we still manage to build a momentary relationship for once. We may leave and go our separate ways, have our own separate lives but we will always live under the same sky."

Title: Life is not a Fairytale   -"I realize that Life is not a fairytale. The one you wait for does not always return. The one you love does not always love you back. In a relationship; its not always perfect and jolly. And life dont end with a happy ending."

Title: Living Dream -"Sometimes when I think about life, I think of it as a living dream. But sometimes that living dream becomes a living nightmare."

Title: The present is what matters -"Most people rely on tomorrow too much and forgets to live in the present.The present is what truly matters because its when you can actually breathe, live and take action. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. There may not even be a tomorrow. Sometimes I think to myself that maybe everyday is a repeated process of the present. If you're not making any effort or progress in what you do in the present then you're not really gonna get any where. There's no such thing as tomorrow. But most people only look at the present like a day to pass by and forgets to cherish it. Just my opinion."

Title: A true friend -"A true friend comes without saying"

Title: Everyday is a second chance -‎"Everyday is a second chance to try again. Everyday is another chance to love and cherish your love ones, So love deeply and don't give up in what you do".

Title: A cup half full -"I always never understood why people would always ask: Is the cup half full or half empty? My philosophy is that Since the cup started with being empty in the first place, therefore its half full since its being filled".

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