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"Have you ever felt worthless?
Where your days seem so grey and dull.
No excitments, no glamours, no thrills.

You feel so little as you compare yourself to people around you
who are more successful than you, smarter than you,
prettier than you, richer than you.
There's a feeling of worthlessness.
Suddenly you are dissatisfied with your own life.

Some of the world's most miserable people
are the rich and famous ones.
Money can definitely solve problems,
but it can also create problems too.
Greed leaves you wanting more.

Nothing physical in this world
can bring long lasting happiness,
That's why people get bored and want more....

But some of the happiest people in the world
are the ones who don't earn very much.
They're probably just average joes
who just have enough to get by.
They dont stand out in a crowd
but they are rich with happiness;
because they value the precious things
that money cant buy.

Money can buy you medication, but not health.
Money can buy you a house, but not a home.
Money can buy you sex, but not love.
Money can buy you companions, but not friends.
So what if you dont stand out in a crowd?....
You can still be happy.

You are not worthless.
Big or small, you can make an impact
by being a good friend, spouse, parent or sibling,
lending a shoulder to cry on; giving a warm hug.
Sincerity is priceless.

Big or small gestures, we can all make a difference.
Ofcourse there's nothing wrong with doing well in life.
Just realize money isn't everything.
People can get caught up wanting things they dont have,
but everything you have now,
is possibly all you'll ever need to give you true happiness.
Afterall it's not about the food you eat,
it's the people who eat with you by your side that matters."