Mai / Singo / Cali / 20 / Ice cream <3 / College BABY !      

          if i had a penny for everytime i thought

        of you, i would have a penny, because i thought

     about you, and i never stopped thinking about you <3

                     iheart MUSIC !


one penny does matter, that's why we call it change



life is so short, one day you're going to look back on your life,

make sure your life is worth watching ;


i'm a simple girl, with simple needs. get to know me, i'll give it 

my all just to see you smile, and hear you laugh

i believe everything happens for a reason, and i never stay mad,

because what's done is done, i cannot do anything to change the past,

and holding a grudge doesn't help.

my modivation?

just smile, and there's nothing you cannot achieve (=


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