/\/\/\The only girl I'd ever love forever.../\/\/\

I question life every chance I get.

If GOD was here, why doesn't he save us all?

My faith is in myself, I live and I die by my choices and my actions, I blame nobody.

...Why live for nothing when you can die for something, you cant live forever

Your limit is only limited by yourself, because you set the limit...

Changing the world isn't easy, but instead of sitting there, do something and quit complaining.

I've put out so much, I've come so far--pain slowed me down but I'll never let it stop me now.
I got scars to show, stories I to tell, but you'll never understand my reasoning
Just another crazy mother fu/cker who lost his mind and I'd probably sell my soul in a second if I could find it.
We're the same color but I'm not your kind, my words are vicious and I'm cold
Nobody but myself to blame.

Nobody belongs to anybody. Its a misconception of the want theory, a contradiction to the feeling love that I no longer understand. Things will never go as planned--and like they say the good things will never last. Even though you put her first you will probably be her last. Don't it twisted, want and desire isn't the same thing as love.

I got emphathy, but no sympathy, everybody is the master of their life~just stop and think about it for a second.