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MySpace Layouts MySpace Layouts Hope yall just love my bg of the hot mickey yoochun from of course tohoshinki no bashing him he is an amzing singer

Yo Homies U have reached mary_the_chic

Need to talk u can reach me at mar-mv@live.com anywhere anytime i'm there for my homies

Name duh : mary

Last : vang

Age : 18

I'm pretty straight up and kinda bitchy if i don't know U i'll have to get to know u and if i don't like u or if i do i'll say it staright up.

So welcome to my page.  got to know me more than what u read to say crap about me bash me and my firends then i'll start a war that i will finish.

I'm a crazy JYJ and TVXQ a fan i love them.

My life full of music and colors

i live for music.

i'm not a person to give advice but i'm a person to listen.

OK enough talking of me lets get to some pictures.



jr73g9.gif i got you under my skin!! image by naniyamapi


996d1335e07d01205ab5f52e.gif TVfXQ_Xiah JunSu picture by jangsoorim_tiadb9a224a6d75e7b35a80f2d.gif TVfXQ_Hero JaeJoong picture by jangsoorim_ti0285ee6382eae7c6e6113a26.gif TVfXQ_Micky YooChun picture by jangsoorim_ti657f243172ccba82a8018e28.gif TVfXQ_UKnow YunHo picture by jangsoorim_ti067197aed93aa1d77dd92a2f.gif TVfXQ_Max ChangMin picture by jangsoorim_ti