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name:Jenny Lee
age:21 years old
weight: 266 lbs
forever single
race: quarter pakistani, Indian,burmese,chinese
hobbies:making sex thread on atown, phone sex ,sext
I want to be a model one day...quit hating Biitch I'm Sexy
Fat People Rule FAWK HATERS !! I wouldn't be where I am today without you. ...
After you stop gasping in horror, grow the fuck up and deal with it. You don't buy my food, my clothes, nor do you fill my car with gas so piss on your self-righteous indignation. I pay for my own health care so stop trying to blame me for your rising insurance premiums. I'm tired of hearing your false platitudes about how I should lose weight for my health. Stop a$$uming I don't eat healthy food and exercise just because I'm fat. While you're at it, stop ASSuming thin people are always healthy too.
If you don't like the way I look stop whining; do the adult thing and simply look away. Contrary to what you've been told, I don't have an unspoken obligation to please your eyes. And for your information I bathe at least once a day during the Winter, and twice a day during the Summer so stop curling your nose up. The only thing that stinks around here is your putrid attitude. Screwing your face up like that only makes me look even better because baring your teeth in disgust makes you look like a rabid hairless chihuahua.
No, I don't hate skinny bitches. All true bitches are worthy of respect. It's superficial skinny cunts I can't stand, right along side superficial fat fucks. Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I have to listen to you whine about your eating disorder to prove I am not prejudiced against thin people. I have my own eating habits to keep in check without being burdened by someone else's deliberate food fuck ups. I'm fat, not a professional sympathizer for the self-labeled "pretty people" who throw up, starve, snort coke, or do whatever stupid things to stay thin. I'm not anti-thin, I'm anti-enabling people to act stupid without criticism.
Being fat doesn't mean I have to prove my worth by nurturing everyone; including every professional victim and fuckwit that thinks my precious time should be spent listening to their complaints of the unfairness of the Universe. Just because I'm fat it doesn't mean I drop everything I'm doing right then and there because you feel entitled to consolation on my big fat boobs. My big fat boobs aren't nearly big enough to console all the shitheads of the world, so space is exclusively reserved for the people who really do deserve my sympathy.
No, I don't want to meet any loser friends of your boyfriends who can't find a date. Just because I'm fat, it doesn't mean I'm less than a woman and therefore deserve less than a real man. Save your pathetic substandard matchmaking for the whacked out druggie twit across the street. Maybe she'll have a use for the bitter, broke, and divorced sod you have handy.
While I'm on the subject, just because I'm fat it doesn't mean I should date old, butt ugly, or used up men because they think fat chicks are easy and can't get any better. I'm fat, not an alternative fuck to settle for; nor am I a fan of self-debasing sex. Being fat doesn't mean I'm obligated to entertain rejected men until the woman of their dreams comes along. Being fat also doesn't mean I'm so desperate for male attention I'll take it from someone who graduated with my grandfather.
Don't think calling yourself a chubby chaser will make me feel flattered, or more confident in your attraction to me. If you aren't attracted to my personality; then you're just as superficial as the himbos chasing after skinny cunts. If you really do get wood from fat girls, then you won't need to announce it. I'll find out one way or another when I see what kind of girls you check out on a habitual basis. Dismissing my bad reaction as petty jealousy just reinforces the fact that you tried to get into my pants by being a lying piece of shit. And no, liking just my personality is not enough to move on to a sexual level. Just because I'm fat it doesn't mean I don't deserve real attraction, passion, or lust. I don't want someone to claim me now because they think I'll lose weight later and live up to their typical expectations.
Many people are offended at the notion that I, a fat woman, won't settle for less than an attractive, financially-able partner. However, I am offended that people think it's acceptable that fat men get attractive women while I'm expected to settle for ground beef when prime rib is available. I'm VERY offended that people think I should have to lose weight in order to deserve an attractive mate, good sex, and a happy emotionally healthy life. I'm also VERY offended that people think fat women should feel grateful that any man would give them the time of day, therefore asking for more is inherently wrong. Do you know what would make me grateful? If all those people would fall of the face of the fucking planet.