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Age: 16

I won't be coming on A-town that much anymore but i'm always on Fcebook and Snapchat!!!

Find me IRL

Hello I'm back for an update lol well I'm 18 Now!!!

 I'm a college student (freshman) and I'm studying to become a fashion Designer and entrepreneur.

Add me on Snapchat: JMVLove

Also add me on Instagram: JMVLove


Hey I'm back again for a quick update LOL. 

Well yeah Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy new years to you all.

It's finals Week and I'm procrastinating!!!!

Well that's it have fun everyone



Quick update! 

End of my first year in college!!! 

I'm excited for this summer!!!! I'm going to be turning up and partying a lot!!!

Okay that's it :)



Started my 2nd year in college!

Super involved with Hip Hop club and Fashion Club

Life is busy and I'm still procrastinating!!!

That's all! PEACE!!!


Hey Y'all I'm Finally 21 and in my third year of college!!!

Tomorrow March 24,2017 I'm hosting a house party!

probably 100+ people are ganna come and I'm nervous!!! 

Well wish me Luck!