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Info update 111611
Info of KK
The name is KobKom
The Clan is Lee
Daughter of god
Livin in Maditown, WI
Status is taken + deeply in love
Dislike mean guys the most
Like rain + water
Need 2 knoe more about me jux sign GB, note, facebook or
Contact me at kobkomsleep at hotmail dot come

My Latest look: NOvember 16th, 2011

Chun Ruk Tur Tee Soot!!!
On the 2rd of Oct 2009, It was a quiet night when I didn't even realized that some1 was missin me.
He suddenly say Hi and started to shared his feeling with me since that nite.
I just realized that the story of us hasn't end yet.

Only you and me that know what are these mean.
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