❤ julie       

"tonight, i`ve found myself missing you. it`s been a few years now. i cant help but think, wow, you & i really were a thing all those years. there`s a reminder of you that i see everyday, whether you know it or not. we`ve been thru hell & back in such a short amount of time. you gave, showed, and made me feel like no other guy has ever made me feel. maybe that`s why i think of you from time to time. you said, if one day we ever bump into each other, would i walk away and act like nothing happened, or would i come up to you and ask how you were doing. idk. no matter how much i want to come hug you, kiss you, feel your warmth around my body again, it just wouldn`t be right. you & i both know that. all i know is that, if i see you, my heart would ache and i`d be holding back my tears. the longing of just being yours and you being mine again. it's something i want but can`t have.

they say time heals, but with you, time will never heal me. i hope you`ll find me on there one day. i hope you will see this post and know that it`s you i`m talking about. they say you don`t ever get over your first love. you weren`t my first, but it sure as hell felt like you were. i honestly have never loved anyone or cared for anyone as much as i do you, even if it was just for a short while. maybe that`s why i am the way i am. a part of me has never really gotten over you, and it never will. when we parted, you took away a big piece of my heart. that hole i have is reserved for you. until we meet again, please take good care of it. i love you & i miss you like crazy, ML. i hope you do too."