One Forgotten Soul

I'm just one lost soul living in a world full of mysteries.  What lies ahead, from all the truth to all the lies, is  what seem to be an unforgettable
journey of life. It  is only a matter of time when right is wrong, and  everything you will know will cease to exist. Because in this life, its
nothing but a dream.

There will be many times when the world and everyone around you seem to turn their back towards you. There will be only
a few that will be true, but only if you could open your eyes to see what is right in front of you. Reminiscing and wondering
how life would be different if things were to turn out differently. If it would be so hard to start a new life with a push of a
button? Would life be worth living if things were to change, if we never feel what we feel now, never met the people that
changed our lives altogether. With all these unanswerable question brewing through each day that past by, the only
way to go on living, living the way you choose to live.  From these thoughts, I decided to follow one path, the
path that I have choosen, through all the good and all the bad, that path to be myself. This is just a little insight
of what is in the mind of jonny s.