Jerry Vang

Remember the name because one day im goin do it big. Jerry Vang, 16 years old. Jerry passed away in an car accident on the 30th of April around 11:30 in the morning. This page is in memory of him. Only the good die young and forever will he be remember in our hearts. Although he is no longer here with us, he will never be forgotten. The memories will always be here, the laughters and the good times will always be kept within each and everyone. For those who are struggling, stay strong. Jerry was a good person. He had expectations in life, and he wanted to suceed. He wanted to do good, wanted to prove those who looked down on him wrong. He said "One day I'm going to make it big," one day we'll get to see. One day that day will come.

[RIP Jerry 04/30/07] From David Vang

Hey big brother ur gurl gave me ur password and I'm here to say that I really miss u and all that and why did u have to leave with out saying a word to me and I dunt really now wat to say Im still shock and crying till this day and I hate to go to school when ur not there omg I can't stop crying becuz I miss u everything I look at ur picture In our living room...MISS U AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE U TILL THE DAY I DIE


{August 28, 2009} From David Vang

Ey There It Been 2 Years Now Since U Pest Away I Try My Best Not To Cry Becuz I really Miss U

Im Ashley Doin Great How About U Huh Hope U Are To. We Will Meet One Day At The Cross Road

I Dont Really Know Wat To Say Bro's For Lyfe!

In Loving memory of our dear love Jerry Vang.

---Jerry, it's been so long now. I've been trying so hard. Why do the ones we love most have to leave? I can't take it, and sometimes I feel like I'm losing everything. I can't take the pain anymore, my heart aches when I hear your name. I can barely breathe when you're on my mind. Tell me, what am I suppose to do? I'm so upset, I'm so sad and I can't pretend anymore. You're missing out on so much, there are so many things. You weren't here for our first Christmas, I couldn't celebrate your birthday with you. You'll be missing my sweet 16 this year. I'll be coming to visit you but I already know you wont be there. Moving on, it's not so easy. They say time heals everything, but why does my heart still hurt? I don't want anyone, I don't want to move on. You see, in this world, there are certain things you can have, but we were so sure. I'm tired of chasing you, I've been chasing you this whole time. I can't catch up, and I'm afraid that I'll never catch up.