MInnesota is where i be at =) note me

Sup with it, the name is Jayden , the homies called me Youngy . =)  inbox me

Age : may10th

height- 5'10

loc- mn, BrooklynPark

hometown- ca, clovis 559  

"Love" ='(s) to the MEANING of "Sacrifices"
So that when you DO actually love someone,
you sacrifice basically anything for him/her.
I'm not just stating significant others,
it could be your Mom, Dad, Brothers or Sisters.
You name it!
You will do anything for that person.
Who would say they love THAT person,
but runs away when that person is in DANGER!?
When you love, you are a shield to your treasure.
You see yourself as a protective object
just to cover up that person. But not just YOU!
Working hard together, watching out for one another
is another LOVE definition.
If you were to ONLY choose between
money or loved ones.
Someone you "SO" called
love is in danger. Would you choose
to run away with the money?
Would you choose to stand by that person?
It is your choice to choose your destiny...