* hmm. i'll add more songs whenever.. (havnt update songs in a while so if u hear old crappy songs* who cares!) lol

Current Mood:  9/14 RAWR!!! F*CKER!!!! I'm bored!! Let's FIGHT! MUAHAHAH!!!
* You! stop annoying me.... hmm... I suck @ playing guitar
and you believed me. aha really ? am i? yea
Newer Pixs (random)


*About me:
-My initials are RmX
-Kuv Yog Hmong/Hmoob
-I have alot of personalities in me, you'll get to know (the emo, the cool, the hyper, the angry, the loser, the strong, the w/e, who cares)

-but most of the time.. people know me as a quiet person* well? idk... am i? depends.. on the situation* xD
-the cool random hair w/e originated from Japan, just watch anime?/ so wheres the korean stuff coming from?
-Senior Class of 09 NCHS
-College Kid now*** kinda? lol things seems useless now* oh well*
-A loner most of the time, but have great buddies too
-4m CA to NC
-Likes & Appreciates pretty much all types of music.  It really just depends on the song though
-Plays guitar & piano a bit, likes to sing at times xD
-a bit over 5;5 but not sure? i'm on a plan to grow taller anyways xD
-not really expressive of myself at times but I'm sure i'm getting there* just gimme a sugar rush xD
-would like to be someone worthy of looking up to one day :D
-Haters appear on Atown everyday; so just ignore em till they fade away.. -  otherwise they'll exist because you give them a reason to stay
- OR to DEAL W/ Haters.. what my other personality would tell me to do is meet them.. & BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF EM TILL THEY SENSELESS xD aha but i'd say not to.. go there* not worth it* xD
-I am more of a lover than a fighter, but if you cross that line, you better be prepare / fortunately for you; your online shiet talk doesnt affect me.. :)
-I have big dreams! & ambitions..??? I guess i wouldn't mind to be a celebrity-ish person one day if that's ever possible.. but idk? xD
-I want to visit Japan more than any other places :)
-GAH!!!! i have so much affection towards her, it's not even funny.. lmao .. but ugh..... i think i'll be okay

*Goals for 09:
-work out more (okay progress)
-get a new job again ( not quite there)
-Meet new people & maybe find that someone special (Maybe)
-Be more expressive of who I am (Sure/ in a way)
-Definatly become a more serious musician & better guitarist & vocalist? lol ( not quite)
-Have fun! Go out more? (Ughm.. maybe soon*)
-Attend more church days & be more active as an overall person :)  (ugh... idk)
-My #1 priority as of now is to make sure this lady is happy xD (yay)
-If you mess with her; She has plenty of friends that will stand for her, but me? I will personally rape you lmao /kidding* (get the point*) ahahhaha

                                                 *** Happy Birthday!!! ***
Omg Paparazzi's photo... LOl i kidd xD - i think Julie or Gina took this pic? lol
*Gay pictures!!!         From the past?                        *  I think i'm getting better at basketball. lol :P  * I miss my blonde head! it was awesome! xD *

OMG! new hair cut ughm.. on 4-26? i think


   *Vampire nights*
   Say it, what am i? A vampire?are you afraid? as if you can outfight me, as if you can outrun me, as if you could outdance me

*YOU've BROUGHT A SNACK!!            Oh yeah!

*Random Blog crap! xD

*September 14, 09 - hmm.. I don't wanna be a good person anymore, I get the sudden urge to want to KICK SOMEONE's FC&#*KING A$$ AHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!! F*CKER!!! but ugh.. this moment of rage.. it's only temporary... muahahaha LUCKY BASTARD!!!!!!!! ERGH!!! GAH DAMMIT!!! i get discouraged so easily.... Gimme some confident??? lol
September 9. 09 - hmm.. I think i'm in love* lol j/k j/k.. only fools fall in love that quick** ahahahahah blah blah blah**** eheh funny.. well anyways... lately i've been having so much free time since my college schedule isn't really all that busy anyways & because of labor day stuff.. (Btw) labor day tourney was alright* i only went sat. & ugh... dang i kinda screwed up & my mind and body just went dead... " i barely talked to her at all.. Oooooo..... i'm such a booring person sometimes.. lol.. but atleast i got to see old friends.. that i havnt seen in a while.. great times* xD.. well anyways.. offtopic but .." All i've been doing recently is pretty much just txting her almost* 24/7 ahaha am I a bother to her? lol.. she says i'm not? ugh... lol anyways. She's the most awesomest person ever .(not to mention prettiest) lol... but still i can't help but wonder why she seems to have been always sad in the past* anyhow.. "throw it away, forget yesterday!, we'll make the great escape*" lol... not quite* ahaha.Well, if I ever hear anything about that bastard ever trying to touch her or if he never stop messing w/ her, bothering her or w/e. ricky's laws will no longer apply (no longer hold me back)... I am not holding back!! RAWR!! FEEL THE RAGE OF THE AwesOMENESS THAT I ARE!!!  better be glad that she slapped you, because if i was there dunno if you'd go home okay* Muahahahhaha.. /kidding I' am not that cruel of a person unless u personally piss me off or take anything too far!*. i'm so lame* lol need to get a job again so i can atleast drive her around yay!* xD whahaha... this is kinda pointless .. who reads this crap i write anyways. lol.. If i could, i wish to hold her in my arms and never let go.. ... awwww... w/e!!! ahaha... j/k.. ughm. sure* xD.. well.. i've been feeling the need & want to become a better person recently* so i'ma work hard* and if you truly & seriously want something in your life, you should work hard towards it.. NO LAME EXCUSES!!! ahaha.. xD ugh.... i'm gonna improve myself seriously!!!!!!!! tommorow*? maybe? ahah lol..i doubt it* ehe. time management counts*** i've wasted alot of time* doing nothing.. lol.. & getting off-topic on the things i wanted and told myself to do.. I've been slacking off .not learning anything new on guitar* for a hecka long time now* & stopped working out seriously now for a while** maybe cuz the heat* lol , hmm.. the only thing i'm sure of that i'm doing right is.. ugh............          talking to her***** lol...  oh yea*** i've also slacked off in getting better at driving* Lol. although i'm already really good.. * safe to say so? i think* lol well anyways...  it's obvious who i'm talking about right now anyways.. and if you're reading this.. lOL Hi koj! Kuv nco nco koj os! ahahah funny* wish i can hug you once more* ehe.. until we meet again* yay! ;P
August 30, 09 - What's up! Atown!!! lol stalkers.. so i guess i'll finally write something new for the stalkers.. lol j/k.. hmm.. yeap.. i've come across the most drama ever within these past few days.. of my lIFE! lol j/k or for the year.. idk.. well.. it seems things will naturally progress to be just okay again... well.. I'll be fine, I hope she will be too.. I still don't get why... guys who even had a chance w/ such a pretty lady can act like such jerks and losers and not give her the damn attention and respect she deserves.. and other stuff..  It makes I anger! rawr!!! xD i hate jerks and bastards of all sorts. but i was not brought up to be a destroyer of such lameness... If my concionse allowed it, i'd be a wild one.. eheh j/k.. well i... also hate job applications where you have to fill out all these useless crap stuff.. just for them to let you work.. when you can just work I ain't no KillA? lol  or am i? oh well. aha well lately' i've been really sad.. and today i was too. but past 12am. a good buddy of mines made me laugh and now i'm in a good mood again yay xD well .. that's that? i need a job again. a.s.ap. xD peace out... !!!!
*May 4.09 - Goodbye beautiful person in every way, although you will always haunt my mind every now & then i will try to overcome this feeling until that day,
*April 30.09 - Recently, i've gotten rid of more senior school crap to take care of, hmm.. schools alright, gotta pass that lame class; & also i think that she died.. the person whom has completely defeated me once; sigh.. Onwards w/ life, i'll prob. practice more guitar.. ughm. recently theres also been this shiettalker. aha he's quite pathetic always using the same curse words insults every damn time. aha & thinks it actually affects me , aha how lame, hmm.. he eats big mac everyday, for all i care to all haters out there: if you wanna start shiet! dont lower yourself down to using curse words online.. If you wanna fight, then bring your fist because i will definately take you down and choke the life out of you! muahaha! bastards! well, life is progressing slowly but somehow fast through the school year.. almost graduation. whoa.. gotta get stuff taken care of.. oh well.. boring..days... bye stalker :)
*April 18.09 - hmm.. today we went somewhere & then.. i couldnt get her out of my mind, it was constant thinking. from time to time, why does she continue to haunt my lonely days, if I could I wished I had a chance @ love w/ her again b4 it ever ended, but i assume she's doing fine so I guess, The most beautiful love is to be continued on in memories: ehe i kidd.. theres no memories of us @ all..
*April 12.09 - Today is Easter day? aha I went to my other /recent church easter/church day w/ another charlotte church, but ughm.. it was okay.. ahah
and yeah. stuff happens & I didnt think I'd participate in that egg hunt but i did? lmao okay then.& I saw my fat oppa kanoo aha. but ughm. she left for tourney early aha. hmmm.. i've gotten too much free time nowadays. aha so all i've practically been doing each day is work out, & more singing... for the most part.. LMAO ..  I need to finish my online application @Buckle from a long time ago. aha :) but got stuck on this lame application question so i never finished it. aha

*April 4,09 - And so tourney day I came. aha I kinda saw all the people i expected to see, but one person. ahah oh well, maybe its not time to see her,"one of my newest buddy" hmm. it was a long day .. not really.. it was alright.. I stayed w/ the great pichee & her super fast cousin tresha.. Ooo lol for the most part... ughm... it was so fun walking. whoot! lol j/k, but yeah... she ditched me several times and stuff happened.. and then i somehow always look lost and alone.. but i guess i'm a  loner for the most part anyways. aha.. okay day... over.. will prob. go next week? lenoir days? i think.... hmmm....she never told me a secret.. the foolish one.. ehe
*April 5,09 - dammit! it's so boring. aha i watched ong bak 2 w/ no subtitles.. cool action movie WHoo! but i dont understand wtheck the ending was all about .. weird heck ending.. but still boring days.. and i've got this thing freakin thing stuck on my mind ... that in the end, everyone just wants to be loved..| I think i'm ready to get away from all this loneliness thats been w/ me throughout my past

April 5.09 - So theres this one girl that i've liked to the point that i thought there could never be any form of regret if i ever got w/ her for a long time now, but she lives so far away that theres a chance we'll never even be together... I'm starting to think that instead of holding my lameself back, i should try and pursue happiness while i live in the state i grew up for the most of my life & everyone deserves to be happy! and so... stop being a pathetic loser...! dammit, all this crap came up cuz of that day... ......
*One last thing you should know about me, I am singo, I don't want any LDRs unless if you are the princess of japan, lmao j/k, & if i really do like you then I'll prob. make a move so then. that's that!
Random Shout out! To my Fatty Oppa Kanoo!!!! xD

Hehe.. this is so random, but i just randomly was adding more useless pictures to my A-town and saw our i think?? 2yr? maybe 3yr old picture when we first met*) Or something like that? lol
Well yea, we looked so awesome back then. now we ugly* lol j/k. ahaha Peb Korean Luss* Lmao j/k.. well the point is* thnx for always being there.
You're a part of my life* xD somehow? ahah  well yea. a Loong time ago* u said we were best net buds. aha and i guess in a way, we still are.. we've been through lots of stuff in life but yea.. atleast now we can say we turn out to be "Oppa's" ahaha... how funny* how the heck did you become my brother* lmao /kidding but yea. aha
You are an awesome buddy* Best wishes with you & koj bf Jon.. lol t/k- =)


*NO moRe PICTUReS too mnay! aGHAd.x this page sucks..
*Goooo bye atowners... !!!***...death comes to you all...**