Original poem by gooktackular@asiantown.net


Assaulted by the wind


Life is filled with sins

The branches provide a road

Familiar to the squirrels

The stems let go of their hold

Seperated by the tree's world


Crushed by man and their heels

Flatten by cars and its wheel

Torn by angry metal rakes

Drowned by cold raging lakes

Helpess... and Alone...

Twisting,spinning, turning summersaults

Punished by unexplained faults

Wandering around this world

Filled with grief...

Life has been nothingbut a tattered leaf


It was many many years ago
In a city that lies near the sea
Lives a beauty from head to toe
And that girl's name was Lannie
Just one glance my heart she stole
As we grew old together
The memories passed us by
I could be with her forever
But the time had to fly
She still with me wherever
I still feel her heartbeat like a child
We're so far away from each other
I still remember when she smiled
As years go by one after another
The love that existed a thousand miles
Not knowing what she's doing
I can only hope she's safe and sound
Blood from my heart started spewing
She is nowhere to be found
Even after damages I spent undoing
She doesn't love me anymore
I know that someday we'll be
Like a bird that needs to soar
I have to let her to be free
So there's room for her to explore
Don't keep a bird in its cage
A prison beyond its days
Dont leave it with burning rage
Let it free and it'll fly away
It won't  fly back if you engage
Even if I don't see her this lifetime
I will search the heavens and hells
Through the sands of time I climb
I'll fight for her with all my might it excels
For she is worth more than time itself
I reminisce the love that existed
Regardless of might and resistant
Each passing night I'll be missing
A part of you creates my existence