Well, you got me, i'm not asian, sorry:)

My name is Elliot.
I'm hispanic, born and raised in NYC but my family came from Peru, and I'm 5'7. I like to keep myself in shape. I love what i do in life, and i've been around the world a few times now. All over the continental US, and 13 other countries.
The best way to describe me i think, is a geek with cool tendencies. I typically spend most of my free time outside my house, either mountain biking, running with my dog, traveling or partying. I do photography as a hobby, and when nothing is going on i try to catch up on reading, anime or practice guitar.

If ya feel like chatting, hit me up. Wish i knew how to use photoshop, hell i can't even re-size my pictures so i can fit them on here easier lol. 

 I take a lot of photo's of my life, well mainly the other people in it(kind of hard to take pic's of myself), kik me?:


I'm the one on the right, my sword didnt break. We were bored and cleaning our suits, we had toy swords, and well things escalated quickly. This happened when I was in Iraq. We like having fun :D