ask yourself this:

three short years ago, what were you doing that was suppose to help you financially today?  are you where you imagined yourself three years ago? if not, what are you doing today that will help you get to where you want to be three years from now?  everyone only complains about gas prices because everyone is BROKE.  If you are serious about your financial future, and you know that your current job will not get you where you want to be five to ten years from now,  I erg you to wake up and look at other ways of making income.  Whether its investing, MLM, personal business, or whatever,  ITS BETTER THAN WAKING UP AND GOING TO A GO-NOWHERE JOB, and spending the next 45 years of your life working, only hoping to retire when your life has already passed you by.

Remember that game when we all played when we was younger?  sitting in the car while mom or dad drove down the road, pointing out houses/cars and saying things like "that house is mine!  that cardboard box over there is yours," or " thats my future car" and then you would arguments with your siblings about which one's belongs to him/her.  wasn't it GREAT to dream about those things when we were younger?  whatever happen to our dreams?  ARE YOU STILL EVEN DREAMING?  don't tell yourself Yes, if you are not putting anyting into action that will get you there.  I hope that your keep those dreams/goals alive and get them DONE.

what is financial freedom?

 - to me, financial freedom is:   freedom, time, travel, retire parents, my wife, myself and other endless possibilies.

Xay Xiong