So i kno about 7% of people who comes on my page actually read about me n stuff. thank you if you do and fuck you if you dont..jk. but yes i would appreciate it if u read and learn about me. i promise ud be satisifed ;]

Jinai-lao n flip-single-5'7-older then what you think-work-live on my own-educated-family oriented-hands on kinda guy-boxing-draw-tattooing-cuddling-rnb-slowjams kinda guy-chill-gym freak-out dooorsy-fishing-cook-clean-independent-piano-chicago bulls- san jose sharks-hopeless romatic-snapbacks-lmt-tattoos-patron n 40s....idk what else to say so ask, i dont bite.

First off, I want to apologize for all the things that I've done wrong. For all the people that I have hurt in life. I want to apologize for all the future things I'm going to do wrong. And for all the future people that I will hurt. The reason being, I want to live life to the fullest and not hurt anyone in the process. Because:

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." -Abraham Lincoln

It's hard to live with all the regrets in your life. You keep thinking about you could have or should have done to make your life a bit better or happier. I always regret my actions. I was always too stubborn to tell others my feelings and so they thought I didn't care. I lost so many important people and it hurts a lot. I always put my feelings after everyone else and I always listened to others instead of my own heart and that made me lose so much. I have learned from my mistakes and all the pain but sometimes I still think back to how my life could be if I had done or said something different. My life right now is getting better with time and all those close people I still have with me. I've learned to show my feelings and thoughts to those I really care about and to never take anything for granted. I regret so much that I've learned to think carefully about my choices because I don't want to keep regretting for the rest of my life. Although it's painful, my past is what makes me the person that I am. It's hard to accept all my flaws but I'm working on to become a better and stronger person..for family, friendship, and for love. 

My main interest is understanding The Space-Time Continuum ... so i can travel back through time where a prince had to court a princess and wishing i wasnt in this day in time where its so lame how we got to spit game. where has all the horse and carriages gone and the chivalry went. where has all the honor and nobleablity diasappered to... if i ever figure out this time traveling thing any young lady want to go with me... whats a kingdom without a queen ... there isnt no romance in "hey whats up babie girl can i holla at chu"... wished we spoke in the tongue of shakespeare for "thy heart tis no longer mine for it pulsates for thee" ... after studying romance i came to realize that if a girl ever gave me her heart id make shakespeare look like lil romeo. because i aint that guy that is going to try to slide in your pants.. because i ll be that guy that gets your mind to orgasm before your pussy got a chance to get wet.incase you aint read that right or aint believe i said it let me say it again yea. i ll be that guy that gets your mind to orgasm before your pussy got a chance to get wet.. cus we all know looks can only attract and personality is what keeps a person... if you're ready to be intrigued and never get bored of a person and dont worry i aint the type to try to make a girl fall for me..because if i was trying to make you fall for me you wouldnt even have a chance to fall because i would have already caught you... 

btw...i didnt change. i grew up.