Blah-blah BOX

-Updated March 19, 2013 @ 6:15am
It's kind of funny to see everything you do and where you have been comes back full circle isn't it? I guess I'm here again like I was before I met you.

A-B-out me :

Gone are those days when our night talks are endless and our laughs are believable. How did we got so far apart? We were so close even with all that distance between us. Every year is just another year we know each other less and less. All the things we do for each other is gone and suddenly talking to you is like a wall of strangers. I love you so much, so ever after but that's all there is.... just me loving you. All the little things we do that worked for us in the beginning are gone, you're gone. Everything else just seem so interesting to you now. My calls are like burdens and my voice is no more than a fire siren that you just want to turn it off. I'm sorry you never like me. I'm sorry you held on too long. I'm sorry I'm too fat for you to appreciate and like anymore. I'm sorry.... Goodbye.