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My dearest Scotty,
You definitely got hacked by Helen. Do expect, I'm going to type a whole paragraph, or even better, a whole book XD I begin with this first chapter, I wanted to begin with how I met you.....but I really can't remember because it really feels like I know you quite a while xp. I really remember and miss the old but good times when we had our triad. That thread was so funny. It made me feel so...Chinese hahah. Please make another fun thread, so I can join! You're such a fun, loving and great guy:). You're not only very popular here, but you're also a smart guy! Yes, I follow everything on FB. HA HA ='D. But besides being ohh so popular and smart, you were always a very nice and kind person. I remember we used to talk on msn (you probably forgot, since you talk to so many GIRLS! XP Those were some funny times. We barely talk anymore, I guess we're both very busy, the typical chinese life hahah. But one day, we will meet IRL! then we can start a real life triad. We can be some awesome yet childish Chinese gang. God, I sound like a geek. This is getting so long hahaha. I'm such a nerd, I wanted to make your page look better, so I even started to put everything on the right place LOL. & Don't mind my oh-so-pink colors. I just wanted to make it look very girly on your page hahah. I'm such an evil girl! Now I'm going to end this whole story, since it's getting nowhere. LOL.
xx Helen


Dear Sky,

You are one of a kind. I'm happy that i met you. Your an amazing friend!!

Well, I'll talk to you later DUMMIE!!!


Love the ONE & ONLY, Stephanie Yang (skinny94_)