November 29th, 2010 10:04AM
Sometimes, you just gotta keep breathing.

Do you really need to disrupt the cycle of this heartbeat..? I miss the way I use to miss you. Stopping to stare at the torn pages of our book,
words drifted away, ink smeared from the saltiness of my tears, I wait.
Do you really need any more explanations because my voice has been cut by shattered glass. I held on ever so gently to these memories,
and I gave it a choice to fly free from my heart or soar from my mind. It never took flight, I waited again.
Do you really not understand that I believed we had a chance? And despite all odds against us, you were the only one that I ever loved.
But you never could have seen how delicately I treasured the sweetness that dripped from our broken past. Waiting was my only option.
As I dig deep into this scar, I savor on the cold emptiness of the space you used to reside in and through my weakness, I can only think of you.
So forever...I'll keep waiting.

It was just you all along...