Name: Zen   Age: 25  Hometown: New York Place:philadelphia skype: zensation6 facebook: zen hing
Hey Mr.Sexy Swagg..Thanks For letting me hack your page Zen...
your THE BEST...but hey what can you say...
Warning LADYS: He's just to addicting (hahas)
well like i said thanks for letting me hack your page dnt really have much to say
so ill hollar @ you later.
Just got HACKED by Mimi_Thao


She gotta heart of stone so I'm feelin no emotion when we start to bone, all the yellin and the screamin so I'm hardly home, killers losein the connection like a bargain phone, so sick and tired of the games we play you give me the cold shoulder like the rain in may, love used to be straight up now we fade away, used to be blue skies now the shade it gray, every moment with you made a amazein day, if you want a great event girl I can pave the way," think about it hard" I think I know what happen, I'm married to the music and she sayin "fuck rappin" went from candle light dinners and cookin at her home, to havein fights with her now she lookin st my phone, dont be scared that I'll cheat, from the hair on my fleece, this snare is a beast its an affair with the beat, I found myself askin do I love her today? When she opens her mouth she ain't got nothin to say, I'm focus when I'm sittin here puffin my "J" girl where you goin?, Why you runnin away?, I'm still lovein the way that you laugh, you smile., its a fuckin disgrace the way we actin all wild, used to talk about marriage and havein a child, thought we had a verdict now its back to the trail, I miss those days just laughs and blowin kisses, now its broken wishes throwin dishes and its cold as bizzness, I wish I knew now, could've applied to me then, but shes attach at my hip like a siamese twin, you a still got that picture with that letter of mine? Don't fuck with me girl, I gotta sollabent mind just tell her its fine, I needa second to rhyme, and we can do it late night like lettermen time.., she had new feelin weightless like I went to the moon, then she ripped out my heart we in a temple of doom, can't believe this its happenin, please lets go back again, focus on the music and the weed we be traffickin, it ain't a sad story that caught in my sarrow, I thought I had real love, but this spot was just barrowed, feelin awkward and hollow like I'm droppin a bottle, sippin vodka and spiral goin shoppin tomarrow, words are just words, theres no connection or feelin, birds are just birds, here for sexual healing, all the kisses and the hugs might be extra appealin, that SHIT isn't love just deception and stealin, talkin to you it just brings me into stress, well here you go, heres a list and tests, feelin sick and depress, start a mission for sex ahhhhh., had to get that shit off my chest..