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All into ONE or One into All

Like: to fly high and low like no one can see, 4 seasons, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE, BLACK, PURPLE, ORANGE, especially, a rainbow color, etc.................

FYI: A Vang boy/WI

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." -Mark Twain

COMMUNICATION is the most lacking in relationship: How many relationships have you seen without a single problem? I believe it is more than none. The only suggestion I think it will work for most people, it should be your both "patience" and "will."

LIFE MEANINGLESS only when people lost everything and they cannot obtain anything in a return with all of the best effort they gave. Sometimes certain people blind themselves into the fantasy and they lost their way in the reality. Those who were very lucky, someday they may find their way back, either with/without the effort.



To live a life in darkness is where no one dares to enter. Crying is living in sometimes, but not every-time. Everyone wants the daylight more because they want it like every other people are. It's okay to live in darkness. Darkness does not mean it is totally bad to be. Light can be shined from there, someday.


A love is sometimes tough to love and to withdraw. Pain may come along when one of you turns away, but it does not mean it's nothing. Pain makes you understand the lover better and not take the one you have for granted. There is a time that you have to let the one you loved goes when it's out of your control and time. No matter how much you want a loved one to stay and be the way you want, it is not loved one's want. No one would want to stay for someone who shares nothing for entire life. You want a joy and that lover does want the same, but loved one see differently. Remember, who you are. A girl is a girl. A boy is a boy. A strong love must have a strong bond that wherever the two of you go. That love is still there with both of your hearts. It calls a "true love" and a "love forever."

Ib Sim Neej
No one can make a person fall in love beside a self. If at the end, it doesn't succeed, please do not blame it to anyone, and even a self. Failure does make a person hurt for some lenghts of time, but it would never go forever. Because there is always tomorrow, a better person may come. You'd never know until your love has been successful. Failure is only today and yesterday.


Mostly the one who hurts you. It's not the one who truly loving you. Sometimes a game of love can expand the love between you and the opposite one. It is not really matter at the moment you both still together, "love" or "harm." What suppose to be really matter is at the end and how you both take it in. Do not wait for that loved one to set you free if you don't know for sure that loved one will return and still has love for you. Believe in yourself to set you free when you know for sure that lover never return.
An honest love from one, sadly that opposite one takes the love like nothing. No matter how much you love and cherish to have him/her. He/she lies on and on to be with someone else. Or whatever the excuse he/she made. I think the best way is to letting him/her go to wherever they feel. Love is not worthy to hold on someone who does not really love you. You can do everything to make that person stays, but he/she can stay for only a moment, and no one knows what's going to happen next. Back to the best "to let go," it's better to give the love to the one who loves you and you love in return.


No matter how painful you are, as long as you choose happy, your pain be gone soon or someday. The sooner you choose to let go of the pain, the sooner you get your happiness. Happiness cannot be fully filled while you still hold onto the pain (the past). It's your choice.


No one can make you happy again until you ready. No one can make you love until you do. No one can be your perfection until you limit it. People don't punish yourself and other, especially those who have nothing to do with you. Respect, love, kind should always be opened to those got nothing to do with you. That's not making you a smart person if you give it to the innocent one(s).


A journey will never end until you have reached the end of the journey. That's why never giving up and giving in. Along the way of the journey, sometimes it will be harmful, but don't let it be your failure and please let it be your better person of yourself (who you may become).

If you have been broken heart, feel free to listen to it

Maybe giving up is for you, but not this guy.


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