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|0| John Vang
|0| Age: old
|0| Status:Taken Love by Nou ChoHee Yang
|0| School :somewhere
|0| Grade/Gender :/Male
|0| Height : 5"4"- 5"5
|0| Hmoob: White
|0| Religion : Shaman
|0| Any questions [NOTE ME!]
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Its Beautiful today HONEY!!

The wind is blowing fresh air, the sky sooo blue.
the only thing missing is YOU!!
I'm Outside holding blanky close to my heart.
wondering when your gonna get home & hold Me ;)
<3 by your Baby NouChoHee ;)
Been dating for 2 weeks and 3 days Hun!!
Time speeding with you!! is AMAZING HUN!!
I <3 your Funnest, Excitement & most of all your LOVE for Me.

Awww, Sweetie, IDK what to say,
But I'm so glad to have you in my life!!!

Your my luckiest Blueberry Lollipop pop Candy Wish :)
 "I Love You"

You Made every second of my life.
Full with Happiness/&/LOVE/&/A Smile on my face everyday!!
 Thanks Dear!!!

I hope I can make you Happy everyday Too!!!
"<3 You Lollipop pop!!!"
Lollipop pop where are you!!! >.<" I Need You!!! "MISSYOU"
<(^0^)> MUAH Lollipop pop!!!
Lollipop pop + Blankie = LOVE :)
He's Mine "Ladies"!!
Don't worry I'll take good care of my lollipop pop!! ;)
Went out on My Golden BirthDay!!! 9/17/10 At 12:13 I think!!
sorry I can't remember Hun!
Well Hun, If you want. you can delete the first hack!! its up to you!! ^^
*Love By Nou ChoHee ^^

*!!!~ You Just Got HUG by you're one and only MASTER ~!!!*
||| Muahahahah ||| Teheheheheh |||
John , John , John what can I say about this Punk ;D
Well, First thing I owe him a HUG ;) So can't Break a Promise ;D
Well, was kinda going too. Cause my HUGS are very special :) But, since he's special he gets one!!! ^-^
Well theirs so many, things to talk about him; but since I'm only here to Hack, his page. I will only say a few things :)
 Well, John is a very sweet guy, very talkative. I <3 talkative guys :)
They make me, not so bored & plus I'm very talkative myself as well; well kinda ;)
Also John is a very Handsome / Adorable Guy!!! I mean it too!!! xD
Girls you will love him xD He's sweet as Ice cream xD
Also John, Don't forget to look for me River Center!!! 
Call // Text // ask PPL
FYI; Girls He's My Date to the River Center. So can't ask him on the second Day!!!
Cause, that's my time to roll JK JK xD
Well, John I hope you like this Hack!!! If you don't I will Beat you up!!! JK JK ;)
S.O.S, SuBin-ChoHee-Nou ;D

______..___8"=,,88,_.__________________ _______8""=""8'__"88a88'_______________ __.._.;88m____a8___,8""_"8________________ ___"8"'__"88"__A"_____8;_______________ _____"8,__"8___8_______"8,_____________ ______"8___8,__8,_______"8_____________ _______8,__"8,_"8,_______8,____________ _______"8,__"8,_"8mm""""""8m.__________ ________"8,am888i"'___I3,mm"___________ ________,8"___8"__I3.m8880"_____________ _______,88P"""""I3I888888______________ _______"'_________"I888________________ ____________________"I8________________ _____________________"I8_______________ ______________________"I8______________ __________,mmeem.m""i,_I8""__,mmeem,'._ _________m""____._"8.8_I8__,8"___.__"8_ ________i8__._'__,mi""8I8_,8_._'__,8"88 ________88.'_,mm""____"8I88"m,,mm'"___8 ________"8_m""_________"I8___""'_______ _________"8_____________I8_____________ ________________________I8_____________ ________________________I8""___________ ________________________I8_____________ ________________________I8_____________ ______________________""I8_____________ ________________________I8_____________ _______________________,I8_____________ _______________________,I8_____________ ______________________,,I8_____________

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