Hey.. Yog Hmoob Ntsuab.  Love California! Love hmong dancing. Feel free to Message me. Yog Tiffany Vaaj.(:

EY TIffany! you just got hack by the BOMB!
The DORKIE Loser
Sorry for not telling nor asking first! but yeah! since im the one who help you make this Atown imma come hack this lovely page of yours!
Well about my Cute lovely childhood buddie here. Well as ya'll could tell she's totally friendly, kind.
She's just to damn Pretty and Gorgeous. Let's see what more to her.
Well we barely chat til now so idk any furthermore about her.
but for ya'll haters, Dont hate too much cause ya'll are just gonna LOVE her more.
Well im off of this awesome page of yours. Stay Pretty always Tiffany (: 12:14PM
<3 Malee Her always your best Childhood buddy FOR LIFE!