Name: Jereid
Sex: Female 
Age: 17
Nationality: Asian 
Location: MN (: 
Birth: 6. ?? . 95 

Im not thin .... deal with it (:  

So Just Shut Up And Be Mine <3

Yay! Natagpuan mo sa akin :) Well hmm kung ano ang maaari kong sabihin,

Im Filipino, Japanese, and White :p

배구 경기는 내가 가장 좋아하는 게임을  !

 , 友人と時を過ごす  , and basically doing whatever :)

Oh At ako ganap LOOOVVVEE Bubble Tea: 3 

HMU if you wanna know more :) Possibly text .? :o 

Oh add my on fb.?:) -> Hiya Person

 don't like jackasses who think their better then everyone .

The world don't revolve around you bitch.

I know i'm thick but seriously , do you have to bitch and complain FUCKER.

You don't know me, So shut up boy. 

Boys: I will NOT talk to you if the first thing you say is "Lets fuck" or "send me some nudes." If you dont have a picture of yourself available on your profile somewhere, then  refuse to talk to you ... Here's the deal boys , Let's get the first thing out of the way ;; I will NOT show my " tits " and " pussy " to you .



To be honest . . .
I'm not interested in hooking up with you or doing anything
in that matter . If you truly are something worth my time , then
you will wait and see that in time , something could happen .
I'm sick of perverts . Get real . There aren't anymore nice
guys out there . And the ones who actually are nice are the
ones who sit back and let the other douche bags do all their
shit . Let's grow up a little and learn how to actually greet
a girl . Learn some manners or sit back and let the nice boys
do their shit .


" i heard a gorgeous sound and that's how i became the sea "
-- how i became the sea ;; owl city

I'm hard to figure out . . .
deal with it . If you want to get to know me , you're going
to have to run the extra mile ;; not up for it ? Too bad .

" but still my heart stops without you cause
there's something about you that makes me feel alive "
-- honey and the bee ;; owl city

" oh darling , i love you so
 . if you’d ask me for my heart , there’s 
no way that i’ll say no
 . oh darling , just take a chance please 

so we can stay together till hell starts to freeze "
-- oh darling ;; plug in stereo && cady groves

My love life . . .
is between me and him . If you ask me , then obviously you didn't take
the time to sit down and read this and I will simply ignore you if all
you want is to get into my pants or get my number . I'm not interested .
And if you end up to be the one for me , then you can do one thing . . .

Prove it .

" there is no song i could sing and there is no combination of words 
i could say but i will still tell you one thing -- we're better together "
-- better together ;; jack johnson

dizzy love turned a star lily pink and hung above our lids too 
flushed to blink . b
ut icy blue froze the fairytale cold . t
hough I 
treasured you and you sparkled with someone to hold "
-- lonely lullaby ;; owl city

Last but not least . . .
there's only one way to go in life ;; 
forward .