Hello My name is Roxxie. Im 26 years old model and i'm from America.

And I live in lexington Kentucky(Alot of you all ask that question and now you dont have too since its now posted on my profile on where im from).

Im not african american<----- If I was then I would be from africa. I was born in the usa and yes I am part Native American Cherokee.

 Imma down to earth person and I Hate drama, if it aint drama from Drama Fever then I aint having it lol.

 I also work in a flower shop, which is owned by family.

Imma laid back person that likes to chill. Ill talk to anyone as long as they know and understand the word respect.

~meaning~ You respect me as a person and you will respect my page and whats on it.

Yes I am single, am I looking right now..no not really but hey SHYT happends ,so you never know right.

 Anywho I love to play video games such as World of Warcraft, Playstation 1,2 and 3. Xbox, Xbox 360, Age of conan.

 I also LOVE my anime, such as Bleach Naruto One Pieace But the list goes on, just ask and ill tell you :)

 Other then that imma cool person, dont be shy to talk to me and if you leave me a message I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Add me!

Here is my facebook just for my Atown Peeps -->Roxy Black

 Ps, Muahhh xoxo

Pss. Please make sure that you have a profile pic. I hate not knowing who the hell im talking too you know.

Simple No pic no add. also you have to be above the age of 17 to even talk to me. I dont like kids trying to holla, go to school! Learn something.



          Yes some of you might be like HUH? Are you bald? The answer is No I am not. I was doing a photoshoot that required me to shave my head. And as you can see thats what happend lol. The shoot went well and we got some great pics, so I hope you enjoy my bladness like I did. If you have seen me on cam on AT then you know whats up. But dont be afraid ta ask. Muahh.