Hm? Why Checking my Page?
Though I may not know you, may us at least get along.
If you may want to know a little about me then keep reading I guess~
About Me:
Race: Hmong (I am Hmong and I'm proud to be Hmong! The life I've been given was a destiny or fate that will lead to a great cause in the future, hopefully.)
Gender: Well, Male 67,20,20
Relationship: Single >///< (Though honestly I'm not that interested...)
Religion: Christianity, Jesus is my savior and no other can take his place 52,42,23
Age: 15! I'm so young! (T^T)
I'm a Taeyang wanna-be (^^;) Because I love Taeyang's style and how he sings, also my name is very close to his :3
Anime (Any Anime is fine really)
Vocaloid (Favorite is Yuuma VY2)
Singing (Mainly Japanese and a little Korean Songs)
Drawing (Well I love sketching manga)

That's all honestly, because I'm a boring person. Haha