They say when you're in a relationship, don't love too much because that too much can hurt you so much. So, I'm wrong if I love too much and I'm also wrong if I don't love enough. If you love too much, they hurt you. If you don't love enough, they leave you. Lose, lose. Explain, please?

I remember there was a time you were my Sunday afternoon.
A breezy bike ride in Central Park. A sun drenched picnic in June.

You were my favorite book, the song I sang in my sleep.
That comfy old hoodie you adored, but let me keep.

But our world became cold and you pushed yourself away.
I lost a little piece of you with every passing day.

But you were a wildflower, never to be tamed.
I was a fragile sapling that would never be the same.

Now you're in the silence. Every empty glass of whiskey.
And I replay that drunk voicemail when you said that you missed me.

But time heals all wounds...
ones that burn, ones that bleed,
and this lonely scar is exactly what I need.

If you love me, come back. Yes, you. (My favorite place)