Wash board Abs here =)
I enjoy cheap dates
I love animals BUT I'm Allergic
Girls with Class >Swag
Able to play almost all sports (maybe not hockey,screw that sport)
I can be complicated at times to deal with
I like girls who speaks their mind.
I'll drink your favorite drink at any given time of the day
I'll Hold your hands
Stay in on Saturdays watching cartoons all morning
We can cook random recipes and laugh if it ends up horribly
I'll give you my jacket if you're cold(not if I'm cold too)
I'll kiss your forehead
We can read the News Together
Have an entire conversation of just noises and facial expressions
I'll make
fun of you sometimes
I'll prank you at least once Bi Weekly
I'll be
patient with you(for 5 minutes)
I'll introduce you to my friends
I'll be honest
with you
I promise to make you smile often
I'll Support you when you need me
Go to the theatre to watch kid movies
Let's get crazy
I have a bad memory, so *if* I forget your number or birthday or anything like that
I can move like that too
Just because I compliment you in someway DOESN'T MEAN I want to make love to you.
I'm probably older than you and not looking for someone to date.
I enjoy reading the news on here and chatting to random people
I'm curious george I want to know more about random people.
I don't have any tattoos I WANTED TO GET ONE but...
I'm a pussy alright?! LEAVE ME ALONE
       If me and you were to walk down this path together would you fall in love with me?
What If I push you on a pile of leaves and run away,
What would you do? :) 

I see you My whole life I hear people say they've lived their life without any regrets and I find that to be full of shit. No one is perfect and everyone will eventually do something they regret. My BIGGEST REGRET is starting smoking in the first place. STOP!@!

Who doesn't love korean food honestly? Especially with all the sexy side dishes too!!


Small List About Me
1. I don't drink but I did smoke
2. I'm a last minute guy so be ready
3. I have a weird sense of humour(I might laugh when you get mad)
4. I don't like liars
5. Figure out the rest of the list.
99 problems but a bitch ain't one
LOL IM JOKING but I'm forever changing find out slowly.
The calm ones are the ones to fear the most.   Rurouni Kenshin.
I loved this movie,  so much action it was EPIC!!!!!!!!!
Who the hell ate my orange gummy bear?!
That's my fav one =( 
Work it                Why Fit In When You Were Born To Stand Out? run!!        Who hasn't done this before? HELL I STILL DO THIS