I'm not here to be an attention whore. But welcome to my page.

Taken by some sexy women <3 I'm going to treat her right.

Okay, enough. Anyone have any questions about Bodybuilding/Boxing/Kickboxing. I can help!

A bit about me:

Me 2011 haha, I was so skinny!

Likes: Nice people.

Dislike: I didn't do nothing to you. Stop hatin.

Turn ons: My girl.

Turn offs: Attention whores.

Info: I'm pretty chill back. I'm down to kick it with anyone. I'm a bit of a hot head at times. But I wont do anything stupid. Everywhere I go, I'm loved. I'm just an amature Boxer looking forward to be Pro one day. Reppin Cambodian/Asian all day.

Won Championship January 2011.

Your smile can mean so much to someone.

Old videos!

If the Mongolians got beat up twice by the Khmer Empire. And Europe couldn't take down the Mongolians.. What made you think Rome can beat Khmer? Mongolia was the BIGGEST EMPIRE. And yet, they lost to the S.E.A Go read a book on what kind of weapons we use. And the fighting skills we had. And yes, I do know that Khmer are jungle people. But we didn't fight in the jungle. Khmer did not have it in the records. But the Mongolians did. And there are also proof on the temple walls.

Where I'm from.

Overall, it's about Asian pride. I have been in the Hmong, Viet, Chinese, Flips, Thai, Korean, Japanese and Indian communities. I fully understand their part. And I'm still learning. Alot of cool ass people. But right now, I'm living around all type of people. My place is full of black people and everyone I know here all respect me of being a reasonable person. So yeah.. Just learn to get to know each other. A-Town be hatin each other for silly stuff.