"I'm that one monster everyone has been warning you about"

Well I'm not in the mood to update this page at the moment or maybe
I'm just being lazy, but anyways...as of right now, I'll just post up one of 
my video I've cover for everyone to listen. If you want to know anything
or know more about me, all you have to do is hit the note and send me
a message. I'll reply to your message as soon as possible. 
There's no need to be afraid of me, those who knows me personally be 
calling me by the name as Monster but I ain't no scary monster. It's more like
just a friendly monster who gets scare easily. So what are you waiting for...hmu
or something. My notes are hella dry and I'm bored of reading the same shout out
every time I log in.

Is there any girls out there who's down and wouldn't mind me booty calling LMFAO!!! :p

I don't rap or anything, but y'all can still listen to me rap anyways but bewared
that I do suck at rapping and you can suck my nuts if you hate it...teehehe.