Why ATOWN delete my background and music for? Now I'm too lazy to put it back up!

 (Jk I forgot how to do it :P) 


No Skype No KIK No Nada! Sorry, Only FaceBook and Instagram.
I used to have myspace but myspace didn`t want me so I created a new space Hahhh!

“The secret to success is to put everything you have into even the smallest things you do”

"We should always meet with a smile"

(◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`)

 (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) 

(◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`)

 (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`) (◕‿◕`)


I need someone who wont give up on me.
Someone  who will understand every situation we go through.
Someone who is willing to let me be her everything as i would do the same for her.
Someone who i could say "IS MY RELIGION."
Someone who can make me smile very easily.
Someone who want to be a part of my life forever, that is if forever exist.
Because i will be there for you through whatever and whenever!

As the day gives way to the night,
I miss having you by my side..
My heart have been singing a song saying, i've been missing you all night long...

It takes just a thought of you or a simple glance...
It takes a warm hug, 
a kiss or a touch of your hand to make me feel what true love can be...
I've never felt it..
Could this be it?

I feel like I'll always have a thing for you. I don't know, there's just something about you that gets to me every time.
I can't control my feelings but i hate how my feelings control me.

When you’re far away
My racing heart, my small tremblings.. 
It’s all only because of you....

I feel I love you,
I know I need you,
All of the world is beautiful because of you...       
The sunlight follows you and dances.
Baby will you always be with me.
Walking with you,
I’ll tell you once more
I love you..   Its so true about how i feel for you.
https://youtu.be/y7VnnMkbOYc        https://youtu.be/Q_HA_kxHrAs

  "Hii Stalker"
I hope you find what you're looking for.  ^-^