, we live in a society that frowns upon teen pregnancy but shuns abortion, a society that credits ignorance and cockiness, adores stupidity and disregards intellect and kindness. a society of hypocrite judgmental people. a society where women are raped children are enslaved and good men who stand against it, stand alone, a society where good men fight in wars to die for greedy men who start wars for profit, come back home war torn with no support to fight the internal war after. where a degree is discredited by those who don't have them and often underpaid by those with money. these men whom everyone seems to emulate, this idea of a godly male whom enslaves and oppresses people, these cowardice man who turns away as their sisters are sexually assaulted, these sexually assaulted women abusing good men whom stand alone in a fight against these injustices. animals, thieves, liars, these people i see, and now judge me for not being like them, rapist, liars, thieves, failures. for those people whom have evolved a step above these people and is one step closer to have acquired consciousness and awareness or Human. A goal and a theory strived by those conscious of it.
a memoir. for when i can recall back to my past self, and reflect upon my experiences on earth. Although, i speak as if i am from another universe. 

THE LAW AND THE STUDY OF AMERICAN JURISPRUDENCE from the perspective of the naive minority. The law and the bible. When a person swears oath within a court to god. It starts with this, a vague notion yet, (but from observation), the laws of man within this nation is based upon those principles. The "good' and the "wicked" or the bad similarly to that of the bible (though i will admit that i have never read it) , or that justice should be balance and fair, but only fair for the laymen person and not the governing. 
What i have observed: the media; movies and tv shows on how society is supposed to be, words spoken from people and actions taken by them.  We all, or most of us believe innately that these "things". Values; character, honor, valor, integrity, faith!. A belief from some mysterious force that compels society to behave a certain way. 

First to start, as I have just start drafting, hundreds of years ago way before the beginning of written oral history; it is believe that, we were once nomadic people. Individuals, possibly packs, groups, whatever it is written, but we were not yet a society. In that time there were no societal rules, values, religion. It was the state of nature or so they would call it. Man had no obligation to the next man; the only expectation was that he was a threat. Women's part in this society, i am not sure of, but can assume it was not as pleasant. Truth, there where no rules, but were reproductive entities to preserve species. Whether their was mutual agreement among binding a pack of being part of.
Now, this idea is still in question and can be approached with two main philosophical approaches. where it could be; people are social creatures, and or non social creatures or both; or there could have been more. It could be that it is, for preservation of self, somewhere in history, the best chance of survival was to cooperate. As for the question of cooperation being successful for the preservation of species? Yes, a simple observation of the current population of people lays out proof. The question i am trying to reach is why society became the way it is and so i explore history of man, or what is written. So, to continue, man somewhere along the lines of history (assuming it linear and not cyclical), began forming groups. So the idea of cooperation for human survival began. 
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