, we live in a society that frowns upon teen pregnancy but shuns abortion, a society that credits ignorance and cockiness, adores stupidity and disregards intellect and kindness. a society of hypocrite judgmental people. a society where women are raped children are enslaved and good men who stand against it, stand alone, a society where good men fight in wars to die for greedy men who start wars for profit, come back home war torn with no support to fight the internal war after. where a degree is discredited by those who don't have them and often underpaid by those with money. these men whom everyone seems to emulate, this idea of a godly male whom enslaves and oppresses people, these cowardice man who turns away as their sisters are sexually assaulted, these sexually assaulted women abusing good men whom stand alone in a fight against these injustices. animals, thieves, liars, these people i see, and now judge me for not being like them, rapist, liars, thieves, failures. for those people whom have evolved a step above these people and is one step closer to have acquired consciousness and awareness or Human. A goal and a theory strived by those conscious of it.
i remember growing up wishing i had snack packs in my lunch bag, instead of white rice and being laugh at, what is this your eating white boy? cracker and cheese, its food right, so why these mothafuckers joking about me, that shit's oppression but i was only 6 at the time tryna fit in, not knowing the difference and the hatred that was spewing, wondering the difference between me and them, in my 20's still worried about tryna fit in, i need this money from this job that pay the bills, so i fake smile and speak all proper just to keep this shitty deal, polite, knowingly inside that white mothafucka is dumb as fuck and he probably got the job above me because his name Phil, how is Phil so qualified, i got a college degree, and the military, this mothafucka must be intelligent, motivated, and hard working just like me, but the only difference is his skin color and it seems to be the difference between 30k a year instead of 120, fuck with me, schools tryna teach and preach to me about this bullshit about equality, how america is great and in the lead in the 21st century, opportunity the land of the free and all the BS they tryna feed, got a BS degree, about policy, and now i know how to read, and i read the policies and now see i, i was right all along thinking society was fucked up, but now i know with certainty, fuck with me´╗┐
fuck society until the day i die, i hate all you mother fuckers