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I am here to simply find some interesting, cool people, who just want to talk about funny, serious or any other kind of talks with a German guy.

I don't care about all the Hmong - Chinese - Japanese fights. I have been to Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam,Laos, Thailand and everywhere I found awesome people to talk and party. I am single, but also not looking. I like Asian languages and cultures and like to have Asian friends around me. I like there personality, which is not easy to find among Non-Asians. Maybe I got born in the wrong country :D

Well I love parties, going out to clubs and dance, karaoke, meeting friends, having fun, cooking, EATING. I'm crazy about music. Basically get up with music and fall asleep with it, sometimes I even listen to music while sleeping, hahaha. I mainly listen to House, Club, Handsup, Techno, Dubsteb, Electro, Dance, Trance, Hardstlye and Jumpstyle :D But I also listen to metal from time to time and some Japanese music from Onmyouza, 湘南乃風 and some more. So you see I'm really into music and if you do not like my music, I'm also very tolerant towards other kind of music. I'm one of these vinyl junkies :D (I do dj-ing for some clubs from time to time, but not enough to live on it alone)
If you think I need to hear a song, just send me a link and I will listen to it. Besides music, I do a lot of sports like ice-hockey, soccer, handball, volleyball, karate, going to gym, go running. When I was in Japan I tried out Aikido and Kyuudo which I want to do later on again. It's just an awesome sport.
Hmm..what more about me? I'm very logical thinking, so if you have a problem with it, it might be hard to work out in many ways. But if you are a slight bit of logical thinking as well you will understand me pretty well, because I'm not a complex-minded person, more very simple and easy. I have some old values about behaving towards women. The only way I can get fucking aggressive is when a guy hit a women, even I don't know any reason.
But otherwise I'm very easy-going and nice :D Back to the topic, I love traveling a lot. I want to see the whole world or at least so many places as possible in my life.

Some cool German songs played in the clubs here: