"To LOVE someONE is NOTHING , to BE loved by someone is something, BUT to be loved by the ONE you love is EVERYTHING! "
I'm glad that I had listened to my heart because I wouldn't know where I'd be right now if I hadn't . I can't possibly be anymore happier than I already am !

I Love Money, Cynthia & Kathy

i am truly LUCKY to have them in my life! Because of them I have the STRENGTH && REASONS to breathe...
"I dont love you because I need you, I NEED you because I love you. "

...tEn years together, ei8ht years married & still so inLOVE...

My huBee is the BESTS person i've EVER learned to love ! he's been here for ME since the beginning & he's EVERYTHING a man , should be... caring , loyal, understanding , PATIENT , passionate , FUNNY and best of all... LOVING ! Meeting him was FATE , getting to know him was my choice! BUT, falling inlove with him was beyond my control ..... I love you, hunee!
my GIRLS mean the WHOLE world to me! they are the LOVE & JOY in my life, the light that shines thru my DARKEST hours, the REASONS that i haven't lost hope OR given up faith .
mommy is BLESSED to have you BOTH in my life & i LOVE you always ... And forever . is too precious. enjoy it to the very last breath...