***Searching for my favorite "Hello" and hardest "Goodbye"***

Summer 2019 Is Here, Let's NOTE!!!

Appearance "might" get my attention but PERSONALITY always keeps it.

~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~ Have You Heard... ~ @ ~ @ ~ @ ~

1. I enjoy chatting as long as the topics are interesting , and you are educated and REAL :

2. I'm about QUALITY not QUANTITY.

3. I'm seeking "chat buddies."  Anything more is BONUS!

4. I am SINGLE and you are more than WELCOME to try and change that .

5.  Minimal thought and effort on your part are EVERYTHING I need to know to MOVE ON .

6.  The quickest way to be IGNORED :

Mind games, Immaturity, Drama, Fakes , Lies, Asking for cam or pictures when you don't even have a cam nor pics.

7. One word messages and short, one-liner responses... DELETE .

8. Ghetto talk and the "bad bitch" persona... please take your trash and EXIT at the rear, GOODBYE .

9. If you don't allow me to view you on your cam what makes you think I will let you view me on my cam?

10. If you are unable to comply PLEASE click the "X" on the top right corner of your browser.

Summary of my (non-existent) love life...

The End.


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