"You never really realize how much someone or something was until it has already gone. And after you`ve realized how much it meant to you, it`s already too late & you`re forced to accept the fact that it was a lost chance that can`t be undone." Although I can`t turn back time, I was fortunate enought to realize how much you meant to me before I had set you free. In saying so, I have no regrets, because truly, I`m happy for you. I`m happy that you`re happy and to me, that`s what will help me move on forward, regardless of what has happened. Perhaps there`s a reason why you didn`t make it to my future the way I had wanted it to be, but I know for a fact that I`ll still be here as your friend. I won`t forget you; I can promise you that. The memories we`ve had will be cherished for always, and to me, that`s all that counts for me. True friendship lasts forever, so I hope that what we still have together now will live on. Thank you for everything that you`ve shown me. I will still always be here for you, no matter what you choose to do. Don`t regret anything after this, alright? Smile, & take care. :)
My name`s Paja & I`m a Xiong. I`m on a mission & my mission is to do what I`ve been meaning to do for a long time. `Wanna know what it is? I`m going to REACH FOR THE STARS. I`m not sure where I`ll be going or where I`ll end up, but I know for a fact that I`ll be getting somewhere. I don`t really know what you would call "experience," but my life has been an unexplainable storybook. There has been so many chapters that I`ve walked in these 17 years of my life, & I can tell you that I have loved, and have been loved. I have made mistakes and I have learned from them. I`ve fallen down more times than anyone could count, but I`ve been held back up. I`ve thought about many things, & now I`m living them. Life is mysterious, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. People have come & gone out of my life; I`ve had to choose one thing over the other one and believe me, crazy things have happened. I`ve had to face countless numbers of obstacles, but even through all of this, I know that God still has a lot to show me. With each passing day, I am going to make the best out of it. I`ve cherished every moment & I`ll be looking back now and then, but I`ll be walking onward with no regrets. Thanks for reading. If you got down here this far, I`m impressed. Not too many people read nowadays, but FYI: I`m an independent lady; don`t waste your time. Questions? Comments? Concerns? * I`ll be pretty busy. Senior year has its expectations. :)
"Make yourself worthy and you will be worthy. Make yourself worthless and you will become worthless." - B.Y.X Give me something to think about and I WILL think about it. Of course, I`ll only be giving you my opinion. I don`t know what you`ll make out of that, but if you`re willing to try, I won`t hesitiate to give you my input & outlook on things. So you can count on that.