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' 24thJanuary2011; Haven't wrote in this thing forever... still wondering when your gunna be on? :)(:
`1stSeptember2010; Hey thought i'd change my song.. since its been up for a while, just letting ya know (Eye)<3 Sassy Girl
`21stAugust2010; i hacked your page again since it was missing a little something >.< the picture doesn't count as a fansign even though it says 'Jeremy', so don't you dare put it in your photoalbum. I'm too cool for the photo album anyways ;] & I'm going on your account from time to time, i don't care if i don't have your permission ;P I also left my marks in your threads xD I love youu <3.
`16thAugust2010; Heyy Jeremy aka my sassyy boy :] Since you gave me the password to your account, i might as well write you a little message on your page for you to read when you get back from your nice camping trip. Just to warn you this is going to be long compared to the other hacks you have had; i like to write a lot for important people you see. Yes, you are important ;] You are one of my favourite atowners remember? and you are probably the only 'famous' atowner who doesn't think that they are too cool to talk to me xD All the others think i'm not worthy to be their friend, so i appreciate it that you have me on your buddies list ;D I am also happy that you chose me to look after your account out of all the other people you could have chosen. You actually trusted me as well LOL. i feel like stealing all your kudos xD It's going to be fun hacking into your account >=D Btw I kind of changed your page, song and your display picture, but come on, it is better than your previous one *no offence ;P The page is kept simple because i can't be bothered really and i need time for my page as well. I'll re-do it for you when i have time or you can change it back to your old one, i saved it as 'previous main page'. Do you like the song ?I love it, i'm proper bopping my head to the beat & I feel like partying hardcore now haha x) Also i spent 600 kudos to buy a page skin without your permission, it's well spent though ! Look, your page is all red ;D That's the reason why i asked what your favourite colour was. Red+Blue=Purple, we definitely go well together ;] And i looked through your notes because i was bored, don't blame me for being nosey >.< LMAO at you and Michellex3 talking ! Mann you're such a pervert for trying to trade kudos for nude pictures. i thought you was different but you are still one of those typical asiantown pervs ;P  Anyways i want to say happy belated birthday to you, i weren't on atown on your birthday >.< I hope you had a great time and all that, and hopefully this will be your best year yet. I don't particularly want to make you fansign, i feel rather intimidated by the pretty girls in your fansigns. Hmmm maybe i'll make one when i look decent, which may be never ;P Moving on.. I think that you are very funny and interesting. I remember speaking to you before ages ago but i just became closer to you recently because i keep catching you in the forums. Also i remember your name JEREMYYYY, i'm actually really bad at remembering names so you better feel special ;] i also remember that conversation where we were talking in french and you totally failed at it. I'm only 16 and i'm much better than you, i told you i'm academically smart ;P Thinking about it, why were we speaking in french ? xD i'll carry this hack later, i need to spend time on my account now ;D