If you hate being alone then let people in...! It's not like you came in pieces.
                                    I will NEVER want a BF/GF or whatever people call themselves nowadays
I'm looking for friends and ONLY friends.

If my account info doesn't pop up, let me make it clear that I am a guy. Yes that girl looking person in the pic is actually a guy ("-_-) I can't help how I look so please don't judge me...

"Losing someone is worse than living,
to be forgotten is more worse than death,
but to be all alone is a pain far more worse than anything."
(No one wants to feel unwanted no matter what they say (-_^ )V )

Now on to about me...

(yay... (=_=") you get to learn about me. I know, it's exciting isn't it *pukes*)

***Single, Forever Single & Proud***

I don't like drama, I don't deal with stupidity and I don't tolerate obnoxious immaturity

but I might get a come back at it for entertainment (*-*)
No touchy...

Try to be bright (^-^)

(Yes I'm a Dork =P)
I am extremely friendly. I may be sentimental but I don't always get mad even though, I have a short fuse...

(my friends. you have no choice... jk, lol)

(oooh shiny} ( >O_O)>____*[shiny object]*_____
I Forgot to mention:
If you are an A**hole and is DIFFICULT to get along with, Please, Don't bother me.
Like seriously...? Save me the trouble (<_>) 1 is already too much for me.

(._.) Actually?
you don't
want to try me
angel wing ,',',}<(a_a)>{/|\ devil wing