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BREAK ' BRB ' >*NOTE* I dont b on here a lot like bac den ...buddy  haha  ... if u visit my page leave me a note then leave ur mark in my g-book so i can check out ur page too. LAST LOGIN: 3/13/

in the meantime..take inventory of the things you see."

About me:
Name: *Kor * aka babyface 
Age: *1 *
Loc: * Da Dirty South*
Sex: *anytime n anywhere j/k*
Height: *5'10*
Status: *Single*
Likez: *Pizza, French Fries and lots of Demz GurlZ*
Hometown: *kalifornia*
Very Friendly ,
Huge Procrastinator ,
Very Positive ,
Motivated in Culinary ,
Randomly Raps ,
Lots of Inside Jokes ,

**If your one of those girls with a great personality such as pretty eyes, fun, and can handle wateva i could do then plz note me and maybe we could get to noe each other aite.** "Whoop, Whoop!"


"When Theres sunshine, We'll shine together!
Told you I'll be here forever Said
i'll always be a friend Took
an oath imma stick it out Till
the End now that its rainin
more than ever Know That we'll
Still Have each other,
You can stand under my umbrella"